Paint Mixing Tool

Sabtu, 25 Maret 2017

Paint Mixing Tool

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A mixing paddle is a shaped device, typically mounted on a shaft, which can be inserted on the shaft end into a motorised drive, for the purpose of mixing liquids, solids or both. Whilst mounted in fixed blending equipment, the paddle may also be referred to as an agitator.

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  • Mixing ingredients in cooking.
  • Mixing ingredients for construction products, such as pastes, slurries or paints
  • Dispersing solids within liquids (for example, some polymers may be delivered in solid form, but will dissolve in liquids)
  • Pigmenting caulking or paint with powder additives

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  • Professional grout mixing paddle
  • Paint mixing paddle
  • Mudwhip (mostly used for drywall mud)

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