Paint and sip industry

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Paint and sip industry

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The paint and sip industry consists of group painting lessons accompanied by wine or other beverages. Many wine and painting party studios are franchise-based and the number of businesses in this industry has increased rapidly since 2007.

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The first reported wine and painting party studio in the United States opened in 2004 in Alabama. The first franchise catering to both kids and adults in the industry was A Painting Fiesta in Miami, Florida in 2011.

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Business model

There are an estimated 1000 wine and painting party companies in the United States and Canada. The typical wine and painting party franchise offers group painting classes that last for several hours. Customers are encouraged to bring beverages, or purchase them if the studio has a liquor license. Painting lessons are led by professional artists or art students who also create art for the franchise. Clientele are 78% women.

Most wine and painting party businesses operate in a studio, although some host their painting events in restaurants.

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