Microsoft Fresh Paint

Senin, 20 Maret 2017

Microsoft Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint (tutorial) - YouTube
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Fresh Paint is a Windows 8 painting application developed by Microsoft and released with the launch of Windows 8 in October 2012.

Modern art for the masses: A look at the new Fresh Paint - Next at ...
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Fresh Paint originated from a Microsoft Research project known as Project Gustav, an endeavor to reproduce the behavior of physical oil paint on a digital medium. To push the boundaries of simulating oil on a digital medium the research team created a physics model that precisely replicated on a screen what would happen in the real world if you combined oil, a surface and a tool such as a paint brush. Two publications, Detail-Preserving Paint Modeling for 3D Brushes and Simple Data-Driven Modeling of Brushes, were released as a result of the team's findings.

After a variety of internal testing Project Gustav was codenamed Digital Art. Partnering with The Museum of Modern Art, Digital Art was tested for a year by 60,000 people. With feedback culled from MoMA, developers expanded the existing physics model, experimenting with how real oil paint blended and reacted to the texture of a canvas. After final adjustments were made Digital Art was rebranded as Fresh Paint and released to the public with Windows 8 in October 2012.

Fresh Paint Art Video


Major Milestones

  • Project Gustav Research Unveiling March 2010
  • Digital Art public release with MoMA March 2011
  • Fresh Paint consumer preview June 2012
  • Fresh Paint release review August 2012
  • Fresh Paint final public release October 2012
  • Fresh Paint for Windows 10 preview released May 2015
  • Fresh paint for Windows 10 releases April 2016

Ongoing monthly updates

  • Disney content added December 2012

Source of the article : Wikipedia